Pixel Blending

What are those mysterious Layer Blend Modes in Photoshop? This presentation will remove the mystery  as you see how blends can enhance your photographs in stunning and amazing ways.

Be Stylish

Photoshop Styles enable you to enhance type and images with eye-catching embellishments. A couple of clicks and you can add drop shadows, glows, gradient overlay, and a host of other colorful effects. And you can go beyond the preset Styles and experiment to create your own effects. Elinor's demonstrations show how easy and worthwhile it is to apply these techniques.


Slide Showmanship

Slideshows should be aesthetically pleasing and interesting, not boring. This presentation is not about the mechanics of clicking the buttons in slideshow software. Rather, it demonstrates ways to organize, sequence, and assemble your images into an applause-winning show.


Composition in the Digital Age

The “rules” of composition are many, and almost all of them may be broken if there's a good reason for doing so. In this exceptional program, photographers and other artists at all levels of experience will see when following the “rules” will improve their photographs and when they can be abandoned.


Photoshop Selection Tools

There are myriad reasons for making a selection in a Photoshop image. And there are myriad ways of doing it.  This talk gives an introduction to the most useful selection tools in Photoshop. 


Cure for Layerphobia 

Using layers is the power behind Photoshop. Layers are puzzling to many Photoshop users, but they needn't be. There is nothing complicated about them. This presentation demonstrates their potential, shows how to work with them, and will encourage reluctant photographers to click the Layers button.


You're My Type

Adding type to a photograph enables you to make invitations, greeting cards, slide titiles, or add your copyright notice to a photo. This lecture covers the basics as well as some amazing--- but easy to do--special effects with type.


I Didn't Know That

Intermediate and advanced Photoshop users will come away from this program with helpful, quick-to-do tips they will find invaluable when working on their photographs.



Scratched, torn, faded, discolored, blemished old photographs can be rejuvenated. “Photosurgery” describes some Photoshop techniques for making amazing restorations of old photographs.


Printing on Unusual Surfaces

Did you know you could put something as flimsy as tissue paper or silk through your printer? Or transfer your print to wood or glass? Or use exotic textured papers? Or add a dazzling sparkle to your prints? Some of the techniques in this program will have practical applications, others will inspire you, and some are just for fun.



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