I got my first camera (a Baby Brownie) when I was about five years old, and I've  been taking photographs ever since. Cinnamon, my teddy bear, was one of my favorite subjects way back then. Now that I'm grown up, I photograph a diversity of subjects that have been widely published in books, magazines, and on the Internet. That's why members of my camera club gave me  nickname “Famous Elinor.”  I've also stood before the cameras as a guest authority on CNN, Fox, and local cable TV.


I've written eight how-to books on photography and digital imaging, plus hundreds of articles for various  publications, including such notable ones as The New York Times, Time , and National Geographic Traveler.  I received another moniker,“ Special Effects Diva,” when I wrote about creative photography for the adorama.com website. Articles about me and my work have appeared in American Cinematographer, Bound & Lettered, ColorRangefinder, and other magazines. 


For many years I was a senior editor at Popular Photography magazine, and later I became an associate dean of the New York Institute of Photography, where I wrote textbook material as well as taught photography and Photoshop. At one time I taught photography at the Westchester Art Workshop (a division of the State University of New York). Some students called me “professor,” even though I wasn't, but I do hold honors from the Photographic Society of America and the Westchester Photographic Society. Now I mainly teach privately in the comfort of my  home studio..


One of my passions is to see how creative I can be with my photographs, and not solely in Photoshop. I'm proud of a technique I've perfected that results in photographs I call  “Fusion Images– a synthesis of  painting and photography. I've also printed on unconventional surfaces, such as  on mulberry paper, and I've used photographs in mixed media pictures. My other creative outlets are in making artist books, altered books, and artist trading cards.


But one of my most favorite activities is to be in front of a group of enthusiasts, sharing ideas and techniques. 

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